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Alchemy Reptiles is located inside The Crystal Rock Shop in the South Tyler/Whitehouse area. During the week we are available for pickup orders only. Friday & Saturday we are open 10am to 7pm but animals are not on display in the shop right now.


Reptiles supplies are also available via pre-order and not normally kept in stock at all times.

If there is an animal you would like to see please contact us first! 


We are a small family owned business with over 30 years of experience working with reptiles & exotic animals.  We offer feeder rodents both live and frozen along with feeder insects. We also carry a number of specialty reptile supplies, including snake hooks, substrate, enclosures and more! We are breeders of a variety of king snake and corn snake morphs, pure locality sand boas and rosy boas, amphibians like fire bellied toads and dart frogs, designer morphs of ball pythons, woma pythons and carpet pythons. We breed for quality not quantity.

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