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Pet snake myths: Moving to feed

Not moving to feed will make my snake aggressive: False

Not sure where this myth started but it was mostly likely a pet store trying to sell people extra cages. So you had to buy the enclosure for your snake & then an extra smaller "feeding cage".

The myth goes that if you feed a snake in it's enclosure if will be more aggressive. This is 100% false. Moving you snake to feed only adds stress to the snake. Most snakes are ambush predators and wait in one spot for their food. If you move them into a different area you've just broken that instinct to ambush their food, causing a lot of snakes to not eat. You also run the risk of the snake regurgitating once you move it back into the enclosure.

If you're worried about impaction from swallowing bedding, place the food on or above a small plastic lid or plate of some kind. If a little bedding gets in your snakes mouth they normally can get it out on their own, and swallowing a small amount of bedding won't hurt your snake. Babies tend to be the worst with this, which is why I keep them on paper towels for the first 6 months to year of their life.

If you are worried about a bite from your snake when opening the enclosure get a snake hook. It's very easy to hook train a snake, and I recommend everyone do it. If you snake has a strong feeding response than the hook is the way to go. Simply open the enclosure tap the snake with the hook on the nose, or let the snake bump against the hook, then pick them up with the hook. This "turns off" the feeding response and lets the snake know that it's not time for food but time to come out of the enclosure. If you have a snake like a reticulated python hook training is a great thing to start when they are little. Retics have a very strong feeding response. And always make sure you've washed your hands before handling your snake so you don't smell like possible food.

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